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 At first glance the watch can look like a normal smartwatch to someone else – there is none of the potential stigma associated with wearing a personal alarm watch. The design can easily be mistaken for a Fitbit, an Apple watch or a Samsung watch. What’s more, it operates as a watch in the normal way, with the ability to tell the time at the touch of a button.

But scratch the surface and you will see that this personal alarm watch is packed full of features designed to keep your loved one safe. While the technology is cutting edge, you don’t need to worry about your loved one not being able to use it. All the personal alarm watch wearer needs to do is wear it, and press the SOS button if they need help. The watch does the rest!

The features of the Telecare Watch include:

  •   SOS Button– call for help at the touch of a button.
  • • 24/7 Monitored – connect to our response centre for guaranteed help – and fast, 24/7.
  • • Fully Mobile – use at home, in the garden, in the car… wherever you go!
  • • GPS Tracking – industry leading location accuracy so we send help to where you are.
  • • Find Me Function – see your loved ones’ location in an instant, should you need to.
  • • Fall Detection – detects falls and calls for help without needing to push the button.
  • • Talking Smartwatch – talk directly through the smartwatch, from wherever you are.
  • • Home Beacon – know if your loved one is at home at a glance.
  • • Medication Reminders – set up to 3 medication reminders per day.
  • • Geo Fence – set safe-zones and get alerts if your loved one wanders (via App).
  • • Discreet Smartwatch Design – none of the stigma of an alarm, all of the style!
  • • Water Resistant – designed for use in the shower, the highest risk place for a fall.
  • • 3-4 Battery Life – long-life battery, up to 6 times longer than Apple watch.


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